Graypants MURMURATIONS | Pendant lamp

LED direct light cardboard pendant lamp

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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MURMURATIONS | Pendant lamp


LED direct light cardboard pendant lamp



Murmurations - Providing more than just illumination, this new collection is an LED system inspired by a breathtaking natural phenomenon: murmurations. The avian spectacle is translated into dynamic installations, with captivating three-dimensional forms. Each LED pendant within the “flock” is harmoniously connected to its neighbors, creating varying compositions from every viewpoint. By composing light in this way, we create a powerful collection that’s poised to tip, always on the verge of instant transformation. The murmuration collection will be compromised of several different pendants, and made its debut during Milan Design Week 2015 with a site specific installation featuring the moa pendant. The moa pendant is an organic shape made from graypants’ signature material; precision layers of repurposed cardboard. Moa is an extinct wingless and ightless bird, belonging to the ancient forests of New Zealand. Finding beauty in every corner of nature, we saw an opportunity to nally give the moa a chance to soar. The collection will be available in two very unique ways: individual and standardized arrangements, and custom designed / bespoke installations by the graypants team. The murmuration collection is a highly adaptable system that can dramatically transform the interior of any space. Whether trying to make an iconic statement in a hotel lobby, restaurant, or home, these pieces will instantly create a focal point of light and wonder.

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h:15 cm

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