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Plastic electrically welded mesh Fence

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Parma, Italy
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Plastic electrically welded mesh Fence

Fencing in electro-welded zinc and plastic coated wire with rectangular or square-shaped mesh. The vertical and horizontal wires of the electro-welded mesh are both linear and made in zinc coated steel. Plastic coating is obtained through the exclusive sintering process “Galvaplax Process” created by Cavatorta. Thanks to the wide range of mesh sizes, Esaplax is suitable for multiple applications in residential, industrial and sports related sectors. Its performance is guaranteed for over 10 years if used in normal condition. Esaplax fencing mesh is sold in rolls of 25 m on pallets with 8/9 rolls each wrapped in protective recyclable polyethylene film.
The plastic coating process “Galvaplax Process”, created by Cavatorta, provides the Esaplax fencing mesh with extreme resistance and durability through a combination of diverse protective elements: zinc coating, primer and PVC. The steel-based wire with its hot pressed zinc coating is immersed into a special primer, a fundamental step to ensure perfect anchoring of the PVC to the metal. Plastic-coated through a fluidised bed smelting process, ensuring clean homogeneous covering of the entire surface of the mesh.

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