Gearless Machine Room-Less custom lift

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Gearless Machine Room-Less custom lift

The lift with exceptionally high levels of energy efficiency.
The result of the SEP (Save Energy Programme), the PLANET is the fruit of the continuous evolution of our lifts through ongoing research into materials and technologies that reduce the consumption of energy, thereby reducing the environmental impact. 
The PLANET lift is made from 98% recyclable materials and is activated by a high-performance, permanent-magnet gearless motor. 
The excellence and quality of the materials makes it possible to lower energy consumption considerably and serves as a guarantee of reliability and efficiency. Cutting-edge technology combines with the experience and expertise of our technical personnel to reduce the requirement for maintenance to a minimum. 
The PLANET is characterised by the total absence of the machine room. KAPPA-SYSTEM monitoring is based on sophisticated, reliable digital technology. The monitoring of all the peripherals is carried out using a latest-generation serial system. 
The control module, which can be integrated into the doorpost of the landing door at any level, is extremely small. 
The system for accessing the equipment guarantees rapid, simple scheduled and emergency maintenance, while the equipment remains protected and inaccessible during normal functionality. 
The suspension cables are made using special, high-quality materials that have been certified as compliant with the highest standards of safety. The exceptional flexibility and resistance-to-wear of this system ensure levels of performance never reached by traditional systems. 
The small diameter of the suspension ropes makes it possible to deploy pulleys of a diameter 50% smaller than those used on traditional systems, thereby reducing bulkiness and simplifying assembly. 
The total absence of mechanical organs and lubricating agents reduces the frequency of maintenance interventions. 
The almost-silent operation of the motor and the disc brake, together with the speed-control inverter, guarantee excellent travel comfort for passengers. 
The PLANET can be inserted into a wide variety of architectural contexts, making it possible to achieve the right balance between product and process standardisation and customisation to meet the client’s specific requirements.

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