Machine Room-Less gearless custom lift

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Machine Room-Less gearless custom lift

The best solution for vertical transport in residential and commercial buildings
EPLANET is acknowledged as the world’s best system for traction in vertical transport. The use of a high efficiency gearless engine operating in synchrony offers the best use of the energy produced during the lift movement, without any waste.
In special conditions, as an optional feature, EPLANET may produce and return energy to the electric network, allowing other appliances to use it. Powerful LED lamps guarantee the highest brightness with extremely reduced consumption and instant ignition time.
A “parking” system of the lift, based on different time slots,
reduces the waiting time for the users. Without calls, EPLANET stops at a preset floor considering the traffic flow expected in 4 different programmed time slots.
A traditional lift operating in residential or commercial building with low traffic wastes most of the energy absorbed in its lifecycle during the “rest” phase. In a 5 stops building a lift uses approximately an hour to complete around 200 runs a day.
For the remaining 23 hours, the lift is not in operation. For this reason, EPLANET has been designed and manufactured to minimize energy consumption even when the lift is not moving, reaching a class “A” in stand-by position, in accordance with the strict german VDI 4707 standard regulations. We focused on every single detail to achieve this results. Any potential energy absorbing source is turned off just few minutes after the lift last run, therefore extending the engine life and reducing its operating costs.
EPLANET is powered at 400 Volt tri phases main supply, also available single phase 230 Volt. An EPLANET lift has reduced consumption by 50 % compared
with traditional lifting systems with geared engines and up to
70% compared to hydraulic systems.
EPLANET is characterized by the complete absence of the machine room. The KAPPA-SYSTEM control is based on a sophisticated and reliable digital technology. All devices are controlled by a new generation CAN BUS serial system. The control and drive module is integrated into the landing door frame and it can be installed at any level without restriction,being its dimensions extremely reduced and perfectly assembled. The smart way to access equipments provides a quick and simple maintenance activity, also in case of any eventual emergency intervention, making them inaccessible and protected during normal elevator operation.

EPLANET - plus
EPlanet Plus configuration with Pixlight cabin. Light and essential cab, in shape and substance. The most modern production technologies make EPlanet PLUS the lightest and strongest elevator cab ever manufactured. The cab structure is fully made of aluminium. Walls can be produced with aluminium honeycomb structure coated with plastic laminate “Pixel collections” or with glass panels, transparent or coloured “Glass collections” for a high impact effect. The wide finishes choice offers more than 1200 different combination and enables a “stylish” integration with any environment.

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