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The Hercules hoist
The Millepiani HERCULES is a system that has been designed to offer a simple, reliable and resistant solution for the transport of goods and people between floors in various industrial contexts, community facilities, commercial premises, supermarkets and warehouses. 
During the design phase, the hoists are analysed using a program that calculates the correct dimensions and guarantees the load-bearing capacity and duration of the system.
The dimensions of the HERCULES hoist adapt to the transport requirements and to the installation environment, with special finishes available for transport in hospitals (hospital lifts), restaurants, hotels and private houses – in short, this hoist is suitable for any environment where there are specific goods’ handling requirements.
Based on state-of-the-art technology, the HERCULES hoist offers high levels of precision in the procedure for coming to a stop at a landing, regardless of the weights transported. It is equipped with reinforced sills, doors and structural elements, and – on the basis of the recommended load-bearing capacity, the speed and the distance to be covered – it can be activated using hydraulic or electrical traction. The finishes of the car walls depend on the characteristics of the working environment and the conditions of use. The sheet metal can undergo a special epoxy-resin treatment, and can be coated with special materials (in different colours) that are suitable for use in chemical and food-preparation environments. The button panel is simple to use and offers reliable performance over time.

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