GSG Ceramic Design OZ 42 | Wall-mounted washbasin

Square wall-mounted ceramic washbasin

  • Collection Oz

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Civita Castellana, Italy


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OZ 42 | Wall-mounted washbasin


Square wall-mounted ceramic washbasin



Oz is a concept, it is assimilation and at the same time indifference towards standards and codes. "Digging" is the action that has thrust forward the formal spirit: marks impressed onto matter that make up the roots of time and tradition.
The original idea was to comprise all these concepts into one single object, to deconstruct our way of thinking and plastic form in search for a final absolute balance. The "scratches" left on matter are violent as well as benign breaking gestures all serving a specific purpose: receiving water and making it flow back into matter.
Those who choose this concept set are invited to discuss it as one usually does with a work of art, since it serves its specific functions in an avant-guard way, being a slight intellectual digression into the bathroom setting that thus becomes noble by virtue of choices that are real food for thoughts.

Countertop or wall-hung washbasin cm. 42 no hole.

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Oz Collection by GSG Ceramic Design
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