Expanded polyurethane armchair with armrests

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Barolo, Italy
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Expanded polyurethane armchair with armrests


Expanded polyurethane

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Limited Edition - HANDMADE in ITALY: Handmade products in Guflac coating, with limited production and numbered by colour and/or model; each piece has a numbered seal and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity making it traceable in the Gufram register.

The unbearable lightness of marble.
Gufram met Alessandro Mendini for the first time in 1974. The context is the magazine Casabella of which Mendini at the time was the director. On the November cover of that year, in a white interior and glossy parquet floor setting, there was a barefoot woman in a blue jumpsuit sitting in an austere and unwieldy tomb. It was block of fake granite, almost three metres high, designed by Mendini and produced on that occasion by Gufram. It was an enigmatic image, so curious as well as forbidding that only 40 years later did somebody in the company find the courage to ask the author about it. And from here starts again a dialoque, which had been maybe willingly interrupted, between designer and company, between concept work and physical work, speaking of the past and the future, of what design is and what it must forcefully be even by pretending. And so Poltrona was born, designed by Mendini for Gufram in 2014. It is a project that is also a philosophy, made uo of unique contrasts between the lightness of polyurethane and the heavy weight simulated by the fake marble that looks even more real than the real one. Poltrona is a dichotomy between chasing  automation at all costs and the fundamental virtue of the artisan, whose steadfast and expert hand actualizes the artistic action. The end result is a severe and imperial monolith, made to be the throne from which to rule and perpetrate the dictatorship of forced decoration. Sitting on the disguised magnificence narrated by its rich marble grain, expertly replicated by hand, Poltrona makes you the master of the world, even if that is not true. Such is Poltrona’s jeering duplicity: although it may intimidate you with its sharp and exasperated volume,  it fascinates you at first with the captivating and glossy beauty of polished stone, and then softly and confortably envelops and cuddles you.

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153 x 130 x 80 cm
Dimensions POLTRONA

LIMITED EDITION Collection by Gufram
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