Modular polyurethane sofa

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Barolo, Italy
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Modular polyurethane sofa


Polyurethane (PU)

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The Iconical Collection presents those pieces that interpret and keep alive and throbbing the desecrating spirit of radical design. It's masterpieces of Italian design that have already gotten into the collective imagination, as well as new domestic sculptures that - language and identity-wise - show  elective affinity with those products that are displayed in the most important museums in the world. These pieces of interior design - realised exclusively by hand - represent the magical encounter between art and design that is part of Gufram's DNA.

Leonardo is a visionary interpretation of modular couches that celebrates, deconstructs, and exalts the American flag and its positive values. This couch, free from joints and structural constraints, is moreover a clear reference to the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, because its modules are obtained from two concentric circles inscribed within a square. Leonardo, icon of the itinerant exhibit Pop Art Design that has been travelling around the world for years, is a domestic sculpture rich in meaning that does not renounce its soft connotation, since it is completely made of hand painted polyurethane.

Modular couch of soft polyurethane, finished and had decorated with Guflac.

1.     The original1969 prototype is kept at the Vitra Design Museum.
2.     It's on the cover of the catalogue of the legendary itinerant exhibit Pop Art Design.
3.     The name Leonardo comes from the fact that its composition recalls the proportions of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci.
4.     The use of the American flag is a celebration of freedom.
5.     The decoration with Guflac is still made by hand using the original stencils.
6.     Leonardo is made of single pieces that can be freely assembled because they have no hooks.
7.    Since it is of polyurethane, it is light and can be easily moved around.

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280x140x35 cm, 68 kg | 110,2x55,1x13,7 in, 150 lb
Dimensions LEONARDO

ICONICAL COLLECTION Collection by Gufram
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