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Gestione della luce user-friendly

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Gestione della luce user-friendly

TouchStudio - Helvar announces the launch of Touch Studio, a powerful new suite of software tools that makes lighting-control user interfaces visible and intuitive.
Touch Studio allows an Ethernet enabled Windows® PC or XP-based panel PC to easily access Helvar router systems (910 / 920).
Customized graphical user interfaces can be created with Helvar Touch Studio Editor (free), and these can then be used with Helvar Touch Studio Runtime (licensed) to provide intuitive control and monitoring of a Helvar lighting system.
Applications include easy facility-manager access in museums, meeting rooms, hotel reception desks and shopping malls. In office applications, a small graphical application can run on the employees’ PCs, putting them in control of their personal lighting and avoiding the need for hardware panels and cabling.
The Touch Studio software provides the programmer with a library of graphical components to choose from, to assist creating simple and user-friendly Touch Panel designs. Examples include buttons, sliders, text fields, passwords and backgrounds. Editing is done via familiar “drag & drop” functionality. And project designs can be saved and opened at a later stage to make changes or enhancements to the design.
The Touch Studio Editor produces a project folder that can be uploaded to 3rd party Windows XP-based PC peripherals. The Touch Studio Runtime application ensures the execution of the graphical project folder on the physical device. Included in the Editor is a simulator that allows the programmer to test the graphical design before uploading it to the physical user interface. Once the runtime is installed and configured the graphical user interface will communicate via the Ethernet backbone to the Helvar router system (910 & 920).

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