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Wall-mounted mirror

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Pasiano di Pordenone, Italy
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Wall-mounted mirror
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The linearity of the Gill mirror is provided by its minimal frame and convenient aluminium shelves that make the collection suitable for every room of the house. The multiple collection sizes allow, with the introduction of additional elements, entire mirror walls to be created with continued shelve stretches.
Mirror with non-machined edge, 4 mm thick, protected by self-adhesive polyethylene safety film. In the event of breakage, dangerous shards of glass do not come loose. Frame and shelf made from extruded anodized aluminium. Frame 20 mm thick. Depth of the shelf 15 cm. Stainless steel rods supporting the frame. Felt buffers. The Gill mirrors can be superimposed or set side-by-side to create broad or long woodwork.


cm 64x15x32 - 25.5”x 5.9”x 12.6”
cm 128x15x32 - 50.4”x 5.9”x 12.6”
cm 192x15x32 - 75.6”x 5.9”x 12.6”
cm 32x15x64 - 12.6”x 5.9”x 25.2”
cm 64x15x64 - 25.2”x 5.9”x 25.2”
cm 128x15x64 - 50.4”x 5.9”x 25.2”
cm 64x15x96 - 25.2”x 5.9”x 37.8”
cm 96x15x96 - 37.8”x 5.9”x 37.8”

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