15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15

15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15


Hülsta-Werke HülsAIR DREAM 2000

Polyurethane foam mattress

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Hülsta-Werke Hüls

Stadtlohn, Germany
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Polyurethane foam mattress
Polyurethane foam

You will certainly have high expectations for your dream mattress. Proportions and body size, the tendency to either be cold or perspire and the preference for either a firmer or softer lying surface must certainly be taken into consideration. Should the mattress be supported by a motor-driven base frame? Are you only looking for lying comfort or are you also taking health factors into account? hülsta offers almost limitless possibilities. Our systematic selection criteria will nevertheless make it easy to find exactly the right mattress for you.

Multi-zone HR* cold foam mattress
• Very good body and spine support because of multi-zone construction
• Soft, pressure-relieving surface segmentation (pyramid cube cut)
• Perfect air circulation for moisture transport via vertical air channels and segment surface
• The warmer mattress core

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