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IFTKADR | Storage box

Wooden storage box

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Monsano, Italy
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KADR | Storage box
Wooden storage box

Small free-standing cabinet for floor or wall installation. Designed to store CDs and DVDs, it can also be used to display ornaments, spices, perfumes or collector's items, etc. The unit can be fitted as a single element, in small groups or as part of a large installation. The small modules are finished off with simple square or rectangular drawers.
The internal compartment of the Kadr unit may be left empty, divided into two or four identical spaces. Externally, the Kadr module is supplied with holes drilled on all sides so that it can be joined, using an extremely simple system, to other Kadr units of various sizes. These holes are also used when fitting the metal feet, which should be installed when using the module as a floor-standing unit. The module can also be installed as a suspended unit, using the corresponding wall cabinet kit (available on request).

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