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Vignate, Italy
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House lift

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DomusLift is the IGV Group outstanding and successful homelift, ideal for vertical transport requirements and for overcoming architectural barriers in both public and private buildings. DomusLift perfectly fits any new or existing environment, while adding value to it.

Art, especially Italian art, is the ultimate beauty… and beauty helps to live better.
Luckily, after centuries in which artworks were a privilege for few and only meant for museums, churches and castles, modern times gave us back the works of art. These can be welcomed everywhere, because art does not belong to space or time.
So, why not letting artworks enter our homes and our lives? Why not enjoying paintings or marble statues daily?
This is the core concept of the IGV Group project. The elegance of Hayez, the genius of Michelangelo, the harmony of Botticelli are not fossilised into museums and churches, they come alive in our homes.
IGV Group has been striving for years towards a new concept of lift. The lift should become a design object with the typical beauty of made in Italy products. For years, DomusLift has been dressing its royal mantle with new colours, shapes and lights.
This is the perfect match, the small home lift sets new standard. It is not a simply ornamental decoration, but the symbol of Italian art.

The back wall of the homelift features the print of a work of art embedded in an over-refined process of lamination. The ceiling is enriched with a real gold leaf, enhanced by a special LED lighting. The floor and the left wall are made – by B&B Biagetti and Trend Group – of a special conglomerate of recycled glass, with 24K gold elements embedded and creating amazing lighting effects.

Further info from manufacturer on DOMUSLIFT ART - LIMITED EDITION

DomusLift Collection by IGV GROUP
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