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LED aluminium pendant lamp with dimmer

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New York, United States
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LED aluminium pendant lamp with dimmer

Understanding the ecological mindset of re-use and re-purpose, the Præstø Collection is focused on the creation of new inventive forms that integrate advanced light sources. 
The best form of flattery is imitation and in our case we focused on the practical re-use of a form factor that uses recycled forms and tooling of various practical objects. The result is a second use of those practical objects as lighting sources for human spaces. Adding fantastic color ranges and lamping options makes the PræstøCollection ideal for a wide range of interior locations and applica­tions.

In another light, the spun shape of this light fixture had an uninspiring industrial use. True to our guiding design principal for Praestø collection we have re-imagined this form as a sculptural pendant fixture that resembles the top of a vessel that would typically hold wine or oil.
We have developed this fixture in two parts to allow for a wide range of twin color options with upper and lower choices.  We have coupled this beautiful form and shape with a new special twist. We have added our amazing polycarbonite lens as a skirt, which glows and radiates with light from our internal light engine.

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