Mastic without styrene

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Bari, Italy
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Mastic without styrene

It’s a revolutionary range of professional products, totally styrene free, with a low environmental impact and exactly the same proven effectiveness as the similar solvent based products. “LINEA BLU” is for the professional user who cares about the environment  and his own health; also it complies with European directives on environment and safety; the LINEA BLU range of products do not require any health warnings therefore helps to keep the working area free from any chemical risk. Working with the LINEA BLU range does not produce any dangerous waste and can be therefore disposed of along with ordinary industrial waste. Furthermore, the absence of volatile organic solvents stops the spread of any volatile components into the atmosphere, considerably increasing the performance of the product. “LINEA BLU” includes specific products for different application fields such as: building, car body, nautical industry.

Two components mastic based on acrylic and methacrylate high boiling points solvents and unsaturated polyester resins with a fast drying. The styrene free BLU mastic, with a low contents in solvents, does not show any warnings or danger to human health, still proving the same effectiveness as the other solvent based mastics produced by ILPA. Excellent for all types of filling and gluing works on marble and granite; BLU Mastic is now available both Tixo and Liquid in order to match most of the working needs.

Each priece refers to a specific package of products:

-6 units of 1,25 kg
-2 units of 6 kg

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