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Injection pipes for weld‘s examination

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Injection pipes


Injection pipes for weld‘s examination

The material used to produce the injection pipe in PVC is resistant to deterioration by the sun, ozone and other agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere. The mechanical properties are maintained in the long term.The injection pipe has a flange to improve the adhesion to the prefabbricated felts and a central shank which is divided in 3 parts. The injection pipe has to be cut where the inside diameter of the shank corresponds with the outside diameter of the element which has to pass throught it.
To improve injection pipe adhesion during the insertion of the element, it should be lubricated with soapy water or oil. If it is not enough the injection pipe can be heated using a normal hot air blower which will be used in a second time to weld the injection pipe to the synthetic felts.
We recommend to clean carefully the parts before adhesion.

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