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InalcoUNIQUE ITOPKER | Porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop

Porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop

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UNIQUE ITOPKER | Porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop
Porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop
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INALCO presents iTOPKer countertops, 12mm-thick porcelain slabs in a large 1500 x 3200 mm format

Mainly conceived for use as countertops, thanks to the extra-large size of the slabs, iTOPKer countertops offers a design potential that was hitherto unimaginable, with no need for tile joints. iTOPKer countertops can also be used in more ambitious, complex, fascinating applications, making life much easier for people. 

iTOPKer countertops come in a choice of colours and visual finishes, ensuring elegant, clean and, above all, trend-setting designs. 

Unique iTOPKer Series is inspired by a stone design of high aesthetic value.

iTOPKer countertops is a response to the needs of today’s homes and an original way of meeting the demand for innovative, eco-friendly, versatile products that contribute to people’s wellbeing.
iTOPKer  can be given different uses and applications. Mainly conceived as a worktop or countertop, iTOPKER’s high performance properties and technical characteristics make it the perfect choice, whatever the setting.

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150 x 320 cm / 59" x 126"

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