Thermal insulating mortar and plaster

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Castel d'Azzano, Italy
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Thermal insulating mortar and plaster

Transpiring and macroporous, heat-insulating fire-proof fibre-reinforced damp-proofing plaster, based on natural hydraulic lime, for renovating walls affected by capillary rising damp and surfacing salts, for external wall insulation and for fire protection. 

NATURAL HYDRAULIC LIME BASED DAMP-PROOFING, HEAT-INSULATING, FIRE-PROOF, FIBRE-REINFORCED PLASTER FOR EXTERNAL INSULATION BioTHERMOVENT is ideal for use in the external insulation of buildings on any type of masonry. Its high degree of transpirability also makes it suitable for insulating and renovating old damp masonry. Also, thanks to its natural silicate-based formulation, it falls within the category of A1 class products for fire reaction as a non-combustible material, and can therefore be applied in all cases where fire protection with REI120 certification is required. BioTHERMOVENT is an absolutely ecological insulating product and can be used widely in bio-architecture.

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