Folding recycled plastic shutter with fixed louvers

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Pla de Vilanoveta, Spain
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Folding recycled plastic shutter with fixed louvers


Recycled plastic

The rectangular or tubular form lattice, called T or U, represents a lattice group with strips, creating elegant and durable sun protection models, thanks to their simplicity and their continuity. They create quiet and secure atmospheres at the inside. The U form transmits power and personality to the façade. Their form singularity makes them a nice lattice with character. The rectangular forms are also perfectly integrated showing their best face.

DUFIX 40t ECO2 is a new generation product based materials U.R.P. (plastic, urban, recycled).
These materials go beyond the simple process of recycling, its recycled.
Products DUFIX 40t ECO2 are products that come from last link in the recycling chain.
They are materials that in the next step of your life are now dismissed for any other purpose and are no longer part of plastic industry chain interested in recovery, so your final destination is to become DUFIX 40t ECO2 or disused landfill.
The use of this material exerts a cleansing process of our society that every day generates hundreds of tonnes of municipal waste, Industrias Durmi, together with architect Marisol Carrillo, has developed this new application of these materials.
The combination of different plastics generating a mixture of stable and non-degradable and 100% recycled and recyclable again.
Therefore we consider this product DUFIX 40t ECO2 high value eco-efficient.
Turning waste raw material is a solution to problems of contamination.
DUFIX 40t ECO2: slat (U.R.P) two 40X40mm. Applied to openings for systems slept Industries, generates perhaps, Products more ecological construction market in, not their creation in energy cost, if not for its effect to leverage their perennial qualities and origin.

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Dufix t / Dufix u Collection by INDÚSTRIAS DURMI
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