Heat diffuser for exterior

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Heat diffuser for exterior

Heating outdoor and cold areas has just become much simpler and effective as a result of a major breakthrough in heater technology. Air is constantly moving, making conventional patio heaters, also known as Mushroom heaters as well as electrical halogen heaters impractical. Hot air rises so that as soon as these heater types warm the air, it simply rises, to be replaced by colder air which is heavier. The Alfresco heaters do not waste energy warming the air but rather, allow specific spaces within an outdoor area to be targetted, warming only the people and objects in those spaces. Whether for work or recreation, the wall mounted heaters turn cold indoor and outdoor areas into comfortable inviting spaces.
These Alfresco infrared heaters produces safe infrared radiant energy that is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air. Electric Infrared Heat is remarkably efficient and cost effective. Over 90% of the input energy is converted directly to radiant heat. Alfresco wall mounted heaters focus that energy on customers rather than the open air, so that it is effective at large distances. Medium wavelength infrared is less harsh than typical short-wave heaters and is ideal for situations where the heat source is close to people. Medium wave elements (burning at around 900°C) take a few minutes to reach peak heat and are more suited to heating specific targeted areas. 

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