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Corbanese, Italy
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7 functions ranging from cold to hot, so that everything is always fresh
Blast Chilling
Chills hot food quickly, stopping the spread of bacteria and ensuring food is fresh and tasty for 5-7 days.
Shock Freezing
The faster the freezing process the better the food quality. When thawed, food is fresh, tasty and has excellent texture, as if it had never been through the freezer.
Controlled Thawing
This process thaws food more quickly and evenly, avoiding partial cooking and preserves natural moisture content and taste.
Drinks Cooler
Wine and other drinks drop from room temperature to serving temperature, cooling at a rate of one degree per minute.
Slow Low-Temperature Cooking
The secret so many chefs never talk about! This cooking method, which never exceeds 75°C, gently cooks meat and fish, boosting flavours and retaining original moisture content, texture and nutrients.
Natural Proofing
Maintains the right rising temperature for bread, pizzas and brioche, providing the perfect fermentation cycle for yeast and making dough-based foods a lot easier to digest.
Pre-Cooked Meals
Enjoy the convenience of leaving home in the morning with a meal in the refrigerator, and coming home to find it freshly oven heated. Wouldn’t you love that after a hard day at work?

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