Built-in stainless steel blast chiller

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Corbanese, Italy
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Built-in stainless steel blast chiller


Stainless Steel

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Once, in a domestic kitchen the only equipment you used were the refrigerator/freezer combination. This was old, established technology (now about to turn one hundred years old) which did not meet all your storage needs in particular the storage of hot food. FREDDY, the only blast chiller for the home, is revolutionary. Designed to industrial equipment standards, its rapid cooling cycle allows you to chill freshly cooked food from 90°C to 3°C. This is ideal for storing food in a refrigerator as food is very quickly taken through the temperature range at which bacteria proliferate, i.e. 40°C - 10°C. Any food cooked and then ‘blast chilled’ to +3°C will keep for 5-7 days, retaining its high quality characteristics. This means you can prepare meals well in advance, building a supply of fresh food to eat at any time. 
FREDDY also comes with a shock freezing cycle to -18°C for storing food in a freezer. Freezing quality depends on the speed at which freezing occurs, and Freddy can very quickly freeze moisture content in food as micro-crystals, avoiding damage to fibre and cellular membranes. When thawing takes place 8-12 months later, the texture, consistency and even the colour of the food are unchanged, as if it had never been frozen. 
FREDDY is designed by Decoma Design. It’s simple, clean lines allow it to easily fit into any style of kitchen. It is also available in a recessed version
Dimensions: W 595 x D 578 x H 595 mm.

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Further details
Controlled thawing
This function thaws food more quickly, with gentle ventilation retaining micro-crystallised moisture inside food. Freddy can be programmed to rapidly thaw food so that it will be ready to use whenever desired, and stored for a long time as temperature never exceeds 3°C.
Slow low-temperature cooking
Many chefs know this secret! This cooking method, which never exceeds 75°C at the food core, gently and evenly cooks meat and fish, enhancing flavour and preserving tenderness. With Freddy you can also program an entire sequence: thawing to 3°C followed by slow cooking timed to begin according to your preference and to deliver hot food that is ready to eat.
Customized storage
This setting stores food at specific temperatures between -40°C and +40°C. It is ideal for food which requires special storage temperatures, for example traditional ice cream (-13°C), fresh fish (-3°/0°C), frozen fish to be eaten raw (-20°C), minced meat (0/+2°C) or melting chocolate (+40°C).
Natural proofing
This maintains a steady, correct temperature allowing bread, pizza and brioche dough to prove, bringing to an ideal conclusion the yeast fermentation cycle, and resulting in more easily digested mixtures. Freddy can be programmed to thaw croissants, make them rise so that they are ready to go into the oven, proved perfectly with controlled temperature and humidity.
Ready meal – regeneration
This cycle offers the convenience of programmed regeneration, even from the day before. With Freddy you can keep the food at +3°C (or you can thaw it and store it at+3°C), and then it will automatically commence the regeneration process, bringing food up to serving temperature. With this same cycle you can also keep the temperature at a steady 60/65°C for as long as necessary, using Freddy to keep food hot after regeneration.
Bottle cooler and ice-maker
This is probably the least well-known function although one of the most useful. With Freddy, soft drinks can be brought to serving temperature and bottles of white wine or sparkling wine chilled without risking accidental breakages in the freezer compartment. In just half an hour, thanks to the shock freezing function, you can also make ice on demand for cocktails and granitas.
Freddy 45: L 597 mm x P 590 mm x H 450 mm
Freddy 60: L 597 mm x P 590 mm x H 595 mm
Dimensions FREDDY
Dimensions FREDDY

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