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Water dispenser


Stainless Steel


WAVE, the Irinox home water dispenser which directly connects to your mains water system, uses an activated carbon filtration process to remove bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals in the water and improves its taste and "fragrance".
Of the large range of filters available on the market, Wave uses the best: a special American-made activated carbon filter of NSF class 1 (the most stringent), which purifies without affecting the water's good qualities.  The surface of this multilayered filter is up to 40 times larger than many commercially available filters.
Wave filtering removes more than 99.9% of impurities (suspended particles) of up to 0.05 micron in diameter including asbestos fibres and other harmful substances present in the water and invisible to the naked eye.
Apart from its purity, another important element that determines the quality of water is its base energy.
While in nature spring water and unchannelled running water have the highest energy values, there is no doubt that due to a variety of external forces important qualities are lost on the way to the dining table.
WAVE, designed by Decoma Design, is available as a 45 or 65 cm tall built-in unit or as a free-standing model on a matching stainless steel stand with glass holder.
Dimensions: WAVE 45  - W 595 x D 570 x H 445 mm; WAVE 60 - W 595 x D 570 x H 595 mm; WAVE FREESTANDING - W 290 x D 450 x H 390 mm.

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Water is essential to life and the principal food and source of energy for humanity so its quality is very important for good health. Fresh, uncontaminated spring water is by far the best, but even mains water delivered to the home can be good if properly filtered.
Wave not only purifies but revitalises drinking water i.e. it improve its structure and restores its qualities close to what they were originally thanks to a water vitalisation system which enables mains water to be improved and given a consistent, highly elevated structure.
The better quality of "vitalised" water is apparent to the palate. Water tastes better and is nicer to drink.
The major benefit of this is to your health.
With Wave every single drop of water is always pure, micro-filtered and vitalised!

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