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Underfloor noise insulation mat

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Carpiano, Italy
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Underfloor noise insulation mat

Product made of 5 mm or 10 mm Isolmant with the upper side bonded to FIBTEC XT1 (screen-printed anti-tearing fibre) and the lower side to FIBTEC XF1 (special needle-punched fibre produced according to specifications conceived to provide a better noise reduction).

Application areas
Isolmant BiPlus is recommended for high impact sound insulations with floating screed. It is also suitable for singlelayer application in which the direct installation of building plants on the resilient layer requires tear resistance and protection to avoid damaging the insulating material. It needs at least a 6 cm (for BiPlus 9 mm) or 7 cm (for BiPlus 14 mm) screeds. Screeds with lower thickness should be reinforced by means of a suitable metal mesh or fibres. Attention must be paid in case of dry shake installation of ceramic tiles.

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