Fittings for multilayer pipe

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Fittings for multilayer pipe

I.V.A.R. S.p.A. proposes a brand new series of DVGW-certified fittings for multilayer pipe: quick-connection push-fittings  IVAR PUSH. The main benefits in using this type of fittings is a considerable time saving in installation and a higher working comfort in small spaces. At the same time, push-fittings keep the same properties of traditional IVAR press--fittings such as prevention of corrosion and incrustation, good mechanical properties and temperature resistance, compliance with drinking water standards.The peculiarity of this series of fittings consists in that no clamping is necessary to fasten the pipe, which can be inserted into the anti-slipping sleeve, right after being countersunk and lubricated.IVAR•PUSH fittings can be grouped into two families: threaded figures BRASS•PUSH with anti-dezincification brass body, and non-threaded figures PLASTIC•PUSH with tecnopolymer body.The sleeve is screwed permanently onto the fitting body and it is made of two welded halves housing all the gripping elements. The internal ogive, together with the grip spring, blocks the pipe and prevents it from slipping out once it has been inserted. Besides, when the system undergoes tensile stress, the ogive grips the pipe by holding it against the teeth.

Further details
Each pipe connection contains two peroxide-cured EPDM o-rings which ensure a perfect seal between the pipe and the fitting. The o-rings are certified for sanitary use according to the main European regulations, thus allowing the installation of the system in drinking water applications. The o-rings must be lubricated with water or silicone-based oils; while the use of mineral-based oils or greases is forbidden.
IVAR•PUSH fittings are available in different configurations (straight, angle, "tee") for 16/2, 20/2, 26/3, 32/3 multilayer pipe. Threaded figures feature G ½'', G ¾'' or G 1'' connections.
- BRASS•PUSH: anti-dezincification alloy CW602N, yellow surface
Sleeve: PA 66 + 30 % glass fibre
Ogive: POM
Grip spring: solution-annealed stainless steel AISI 304
O-rings: peroxide EPDM
Technical features
Max working temperature: 100 °C
Max static working pressure: 10 bar

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