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Heat meter

IVAR EQUIMETER module is a system for the direct heat metering in central heating plants. Compact and functional, it is equipped with zone valve suitable to electrothermal actuator controlled by thermostat, balancing valves, shut-off valves and protection filter upstream the heat meter. The peculiar feature of EQUIMETER is the possibility to balance water flow both in supply and in by-pass mode by reading the flow rate directly on the heat meter display: this makes the start-up operations extremely easy. The heat metering block is proposed in two versions allowing the installation of two sizes of heat metering devices (3/4'' connections, 110 mm port-to-port distance, or 1'' connections, 130 mm port-to-port distance). Both versions are available with or without sanitary water lines, to meter domestic hot water, domestic cold water and/or rainwater consumption. A version with anti-scalding thermostatic mixer is also available. EQUIMETER is supplied either on simple frame or housed in recessed box. The module can be also purchased in two parts, as the sum of an installation template and the functional hydraulic module to be installed after masonry and hydraulic connection.

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Further details
As concerns measurement devices, it is possible to choose among different kits suitable to any type of reading (direct, central via M-BUS or central via RADIO network). All devices are MID compliant and feature supplementary metrology marking.
Special configurations
Each building is characterised by different spaces, constraints and installation solutions. For this reason, IVAR technical department can design special configurations upon request, beyond the standard range of modules listed in the catalogue, like metering modules with downward connections, multiple connection recessed closets equipped with risers, cabinets complete with distribution manifolds, mixing valves, booster groups: IVAR makes EQUIMETER a flexible element suitable to all configurations.
Technical features
Max static working pressure: 10 bar
Max differential pressure across the zone valve: 0.9 bar
Max working temperature: 90 °C
Connections to piping system: G ¾''
Connections to metering devices:
- G ¾”, port-to-port distance110 mm (EQM1)
- G1”, port-to-port distance130 mm (EQM2)
Rainwater and domestic hot/cold water meters nominal flow rate: 1.5 m3/h 
Heat meter nominal flow rate:
- EQM 1 and realtive variants:1.5 m3/h
- EQM 2 and relative variants: 2.5 m3/h
Module pressure drops (including suggested heat meters):
- EQM1: Kv = 2.25
- EQM2: Kv = 2.75

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