Heat regulation and hygrometric control

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Heat regulation and hygrometric control

EQUICALOR® is a wireless system for the smart management of radiator heating plants. A typical EQUICALOR® system consists of as many actuators as the radiators plus a single chronothermostat, which can be programmed on daily and weekly basis over three temperature levels. An independent program can be set for each zone and up to 8 zones (up to 28 actuators) can be managed by a single chronothermostat. The actuator is mounted on the valve (which must be suitable to thermostatic control) exactly as a thermostatic head. The actuator is then associated to one of the zones created on the chronothermostat. Both the chronothermostat and the actuator feature an onboard temperature sensor, and this allows the chronothermostat to control the actuator's opening/closure based on the room demand. The communication between chronothermostat and actuators is wireless and bidirectional. The adjustment performed by the actuator is modulating proportional and it is based on a patented algorithm making it possible to use a single chronothermostat to manage all the zones. Besides, the set temperature can be locally modified for the individual actuator: in particular, the value set on the chronothermostat can be increased or decreased by up to 3 °C. Both chronothermostat and actuator are powered by 3 AA batteries, whose life has been improved to three years thanks to a specific work on consumption optimisation. 

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Further details
Technical features
Compliance to 1999/5/CE for health (EN 62311), electrical safety (EN 60730-2-9), EMC (EN 301 489-1/EN 301 489-3) and radio spectrum matters  (EN 300 220-1 and EN 300 220-2).
Temperature limits for transport and storage: -20÷+54°C
Operating temperature limits: -5÷+45°C
Power supply: 3 x AA 1,5 V
Transmission/reception frequency: 868,3 MHz
Signal range with no obstacles: 30 m 
Minimum temperature variation: 0,1 K
Insulation: IP 40, class III
Max number of controlled zones: 8 (max 28 actuators)
Operating modes: manual with fixed-temperature or automatic with daily and weekly program over 3 temperature levels 
Boiler switch (art. DC 1010 only): unipolar contact relay 5A/250VAC
Available languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Czech, Flemish
Backlight: yes
Special functions: "Holiday" for 30-days start programming; optimised startup
Size: 126x99x25,5 mm
Installation: wall mounting with disconnection possibility (art. DC 1000) or in standard 503E box (art. DC 1010)
Power supply: 3 x AA 1,5 V
Adjustment type: proportional or on/off (to be set on the chronothermostat)
Possibility of remote temperature measurement: yes (temperature sensor art. AE 1000 not included)
Interface: 6 monochrome led (colour: red) + front three-actions lever
Size: 92x48x66 mm
Connection ring nut: M30x1.5 mm
Key for battery slide opening and manual unblocking included

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