Radiant floor panel

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Radiant floor panel

Regulation and booster group UNIMIX is a highly-customisable station combining all the necessary features in a compact  and easy-to-install module. The base kit of UNIMIX family is equipped with pump housing, mixing valve suitable to thermostatic control featuring primary by-pass for boiler fluid recirculation and mixing optimisation through secondary by-pass. A thermomanometer, two thermometers, an automatic air-vent valve. fill/drain taps and shut-off ball valves for pump and circuits complete the group.

Further details

Distribution manifolds can be connected to this unit: flow (upper) manifold is equipped with FLUXER devices for balancing and measuring flow rates of the individual circuits. Return manifolds are equipped with shut-off valves, which can either be manual or controlled by electrothermal actuators making them suitable for zone management via room chronothermostats. An electronic circulator pump with adequate pressure head is installed in the proper housing and then programmed to operate at fixed pressure head, so to ensure that the possible closure of one or more circuits does not affect open circuits' flow rates. Equipped with insulation shell and dedicated electronic controllers, UNIMIX is also suitable to supply cooling systems.

Mixing group
Lowe and upper bodies: EN 1982 CB753S
Other brass parts (headwork, shutter, etc.): EN 12165 CW617N
Low-temperature manifolds
Brass parts: EN 12168 CW617N
Protection caps: ABS
FLUXER flow meters and balancers
Body and shutter: PA MXD6
Ring: PPA
Spyglass and indicator: PA 12
Spindle: PSU
Cover: ABS
Technical features
Flow temperature adjustment range: 30÷55 °C
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Maximum primary flow temperature: 90 °C
FLUXER's range: 0÷5 l/min
FLUXER's precision: ±10 %
Thermometer range: 0÷80 °C
Thermomanometer ranges:
temperature: 0÷120 °C
pressure: 0÷6 bar
Safety thermostat setting: 60 °C

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