IVAR GP 8000

Solar heating system

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GP 8000


Solar heating system

GP 8000 is a solar circulation group with flow and return lines, suitable to mid-size solar plants (~ 50 mq). Complete with shut-off valves, thermometers, check valve on return line, 6-bar safety valve, solar circulator pump capable of high pressure head, de-aerator, fill/drain taps. Materials and sealing parts are compatible with solar applications, that is, with water-glycol mixture typically used as a thermal fluid in solar circuit and with the high temperatures that can be reached near the solar field. GP 8000 is designed as a modular group: for this reason it is proposed in a "K" version making it possible to connect flow and return lines to horizontal manifold modules, allowing to quickly and neatly connect in parallel more groups side by side, so to supply multiple or larger solar fields. GP 8000 is mounted on aluminium frame and wholly insulated, and it is proposed with or without 20-70 l/min device for balancing the flow rate and reading it in by-pass. GP 8000 group can be completed with solar controller IS3, giving the possibility to modulate the solar circulator pump based on temperature difference between solar field and storage tank, or with solar controller IS1 if you do not need to modulate solar pump.

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Further details
Technical features
Max continuous operating temperature (flow downstream solar field): 130 °C
Max circulator peak temperature: 110 °C
Flow limiter range (where present): 20-70 l/min
Thermometer range: 0-160 °C
Safety valve pressure set: 6 bar
Pressure gauge range: 0-10 bar
Heating fluid: water/glycol max 50 %
Connections: 1 ¼'' F flat seal 
Size: 825 x 414 x 224 mm
Safety valve, flow meter (where present) and other brass parts: CW617N
Pipes: half-hard copper
O-rings: terpolymer TFE HFP VDF
Support frame and cover: aluminium AW 5754
Insulation shell: polypropylene

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