Zone module and collector

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Zone module and collector

A satellite module is a thermo-hydraulic unit allowing the independent management of heat distribution and domestic hot water preparation in central heating systems. In a satellite module, the fluid coming from the boiler is sent to the heating system, or to a heat exchanger that heats the tap water supplied from the water mains to the set temperature upon demand. Besides ensuring total autonomy in managing "heat", the satellite module is the ideal solution to provide correct metering of the actual resource consumption (relative to water and thermal energy) of the user.

Further info from manufacturer on IVAR SAT
Further details
IvarSAT satellite modules can be divided into three groups, which are different in the type of heating systems each of them is suitable to supply:
- Family H, suitable to high-temperature systems: one heating circuit with zone valve;
- Family L, suitable to low-temperature systems: one heating circuit with three-way mixing valve, zone valve and variable-speed booster pump;
- Family HL, suitable to high- and low-temperature systems: one heating circuit with three-way mixing valve, zone valve and variable-speed booster pump; a second heating circuit with zone valve.
Among the several variants, additional features are available such as domestic hot water recirculation circuit and a "direct" second outtake for non-mixed domestic hot water. IvarSAT is available either on frame or already housed in recessed or wall-hung box. As an alternative, it is possible to purchase the connection template and the hydraulic modules to be installed after the test. As concerns measurement devices, it is possible to choose among different kits suitable to any type of reading (direct, central via M-BUS or central via RADIO network). All devices are MID compliant and feature supplementary metrology marking.
Technical features
Heating water circuit
Max static working pressure: 3 bar
Max working temperature: 90 °C
Opening time of priority valve motor: 6 s (stroke 180°)
Domestic water circuit
Max static working pressure: 10 bar 
Max inlet temperature to thermostatic mixer: 90 °C
Thermostatic mixer adjustment range: 36-50 °C
Min flow-switch flow rate: ON 2.3 l/min, OFF 1.5 l/min
Heat exchanger: 30 brazed plates, connections ¾'' M flat seal, water hold-up 0.55 l (primary) e 0.58 l (secondary).
Brass components: CW617N
Pipes: half-hard copper
Plate heat exchanger: plates in stainless steel AISI 316; brazing material: pure copper
Rubber sealing parts: peroxide EPDM approved for drinking water applications
Insulation shell: expanded polypropylene
Frame: aluminium AW-5754
Recessed box: zinc-coated steel sheet, varnished RAL 9010
Wall-hung box: aluminium AW-5754, varnished RAL 9010
Meter templates: PA + 30 % FV

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