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Bridge and modular pontoon

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Janson Bridging

Brescia, Italy
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Bridge and modular pontoon

Janson's Panel Bridge system ( code JPB ) is designed for temporary and permanent applications wherever bridges with span up to 400ft ( 122 meters ) for all general traffic are required. The system is based on the original Bailey Bridge concept using trusses assembled from modular panels.The individual components are designed to be mechanically built enabling the installation of the modular panel bridge in sites that are inaccessible for heavy vehicles and heavy cranes. The Janson Panel Bridge has been developed to outperform other panel system available in the market by providing additional flexibility in erection methods, minimizing the number of components and erection tools, flexibility in bearing methods, high fatigue resistance, higher safety margins, possibility of exceptional high loads, optimum containerization, possibility of using the system for railways, flexibility in deck capacity and deck types and use of standard available fasteners. Single or multi span bridges may be constructed using standard equipment.

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