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Bridge and pedestrian footbridge

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Janson Bridging

Brescia, Italy
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Bridge and pedestrian footbridge

Janson's Pedestrian Panel Bridge system ( Code JPB Ped ) is designed for temporary and permanent applications wherever bridges with spans up to 61 meters are required. On sites where cranes cannot get access to the bridge, it can be erected using the standard cantilever launch method. Assembly of the bridge may be carried out using unskilled labour under the supervision of an experienced engineer. Single or multi span bridges may be assembled. The Janson Panel Pedestrian Bridge is designed for minimum overall width bridges that can be transported to site in complete modules. The bridge modules are pinned together to form the bridge's longitudinal trusses. The trusses can be assembled in various constructions to form girders whose strength is tailored to suit the span and loading of the individual bridge. Specials designed 'U' frame transoms are bolted to each end of the truss panels. Onto the 'U' frames special swaybraces, deck and pedestrian rail panels are bolted, together forming a stable bay. The bridge is supplied in 3 standard deck widths.

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