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Wooden bench

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Sankt Wolfgang , Germany
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Wooden bench



The SC35 bench is a handcrafted solid wood bench with 2 sides and a centre bar that can be dismantled. The legs are secured with a mounting plate to the seating plate and connected to the traverse support bar. The traverse support web is bolted and secured with black rosettes and black screws in a visually appealing way. The bench top and the two sides are 4 cm thick. The traverse support web has a crosssection of 8 x 4 cm. The SC35 bench seat matches the design of the SC20 table.

Further details
Material Holz
Eiche natur geölt, Eiche weiß pigm. geölt, Eiche schlammfarbig gebeizt und lackiert, Eiche wengéfarbig gebeizt und lackiert, Esche natur geölt, Esche weiß pigm. geölt, Kernesche natur geölt, Kernesche weiß pigm. geölt, euro. Rüster (Ulme) natur geölt, am. Nussbaum natur geölt, am. Kirschbaum natur geölt, am. Rüster (Red Elm), euro. Nussbaum natur geölt, Eiche Altholz (ca. 200 Jahre) natur geölt, Eiche geköhlt natur geölt, Eiche geköhlt/gekalkt geölt. Wengé auf Anfrage.
L. 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 250, 270, 290 cm
Dimensions SC35

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