Exterior insulation system

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Exterior insulation system

The Jendy Joss external false- walls are the best solution to achieve the highest thermic and acoustic insulation characteristics, with very reduced thicknesses and eco- friendly materials.
The proposed solutions are achieved through a structure of galvanized steel of 50/75 width and an increased thickness of 08/10, or a wooden one from 20+20 mm, to be fixed to the external existing wall through special brackets. 

Inside the warp, there is used a suitable insulating recycled and recyclable material in polyester fibre with excellent thermo- acoustic functions. In case of a wooden warp, a special thin thermo reflective product is used, it gives the performances of 19cm of glass wool with a very limited thickness. 
The transmittance values, calculated for an application on an external brick wall 30 cm Proton like, are between 0,418 and 0,134 W/mqK for the proposed solutions, the weights are limited, the Universal Rock slabs at high density give characteristics with very high mechanical resistance. 

The exterior finish can be achieved through a shaving with an interposed suitable fibre glass, both directly on the UR slabs and on a 30 mm coating that gives additional thermo- acoustic performances. 
It is possible to realize any kind of finish with the coating in exposed bricks or tiles or the ventilated walls like Alucobond, fiber-cement panel, wood frame, etc... 

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