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Exterior insulation system / prefabricated wall panel

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Budrio, Italy
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Exterior insulation system / prefabricated wall panel

The “preassembled” Jendy Joss inside walls are the best solution to achieve the highest characteristics of sound insulation, of fire behaviour with very reduced thicknesses and weights and eco friendly materials, with the advantage of executive quality and speed in the pre assembly process.
The proposed solutions are achieved through a single or double structure of galvanized steel with an increased thickness of 08/10, according to the destination; inside a building unit you will have single frame solutions of 50/75/100 mm width, to divide two different units or two hotel rooms double frames solutions 50+50 mm and 75+75 mm width will be chosen, with first class acoustic performances. 
Within each metal frame a special insulating material in recycled and recycleable material in polyester fibre with excellent acoustic functions. 
The theoretical values of sound insulation for the proposed solutions are between 51,5 and 74,1 dB, while the real values on site will be 48,5 and 60,5 dB, the resistance to fire gets up to REI 180, the Universal Rock slabs at high density give very high quality characteristics of mechanical resistance.
The finish is realized through a plating made of plasterboards slabs. It is possible to realize any kind of finish, from the coating in gres or wood, from the use of paper or pvc, etc... 

Interior Walls - Preassembled Systems Collection by Jendy Joss
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