Screed and base layer for flooring

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Screed and base layer for flooring

The Jendy Joss dry screed systems are the best solution to achieve the highest characteristics of sound insulation, of fire behaviour with very reduced thicknesses and weights and eco friendly materials. The proposed solutions are achieved through a 30/100 mm thickness in polystyrene at high bearing capacity placed on a special waterproof impact- sound mat which turn right side up over the walls. This mat is made from recycled and recyclable polyester fiber with excellent acoustic and eco friendly functions. 

The sound insulation values, related to the applications on a traditional 24 cm bricks floor, are between 51,3 and 51,4 dB for the proposed solutions, beyond the lowering of the trampling and the further contribution of the floor. 
The transmittance thermic values are between 0,613 and 0,271 W/mqK for the proposed solutions. On the polystirene a 12 mm Universal Rock slab is applied and a further one of 24 mm, screwed together with special screws. The UR24 slab can be provided already milled for the entering of a Ø16 mm multilayered pipe necessary to the floor heating device. 
The floor will be applied directly over it, with adequate superior shaving, giving to the radiant floor extremely low thermic inertia with excellent conseguences on the energy conservation.Any kind of flooring can be applied: from gres to baked clay, from pvc to wood, etc...

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