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Whirlpool bathtub

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Whirlpool bathtub

Vivo Vario Plus - The positive actions of air and water are combined ideally in the VIVO VARIO PLUS whirl system. All functions are controlled through a comfortable touch display. The desired effect is reached thanks to 22 to 24 jets, depending on bath design. While the base jets create a sparkling bubbling effect known as the Kaldewei champagne effect, the rotating side jets provide a pleasant massage for the skin and muscles. Eight rotating side jets intensify massage effect even more reaching every part of the body. Additional jets, integrated in the foot reflex and lumbar zones, provide a relaxing full-body massage.With two water pumps and two fans, the system has the maximum output Water is pumped through the blue pipes, air flows through the red ones. The special arrangement of the pipes guarantees that both systems empty completely when the valve ball on the bottom of the bath is opened. An automatic disinfection programme disinfects the blue pipes that carry the water. The red pipes that carry the air are also automatically blown dry. This ensures that the highest hygiene standards are met.

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Whirlpool bathtubs Collection by Kaldewei Italia
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