Ventilated facade

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Vicenza, Italy
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Ventilated facade

ìThe extruded MOEDING ALPHATON® terracotta tiles are produced mainly from domestic clay and are fully imbued with colour. Due to the very high firing temperature and the the long firing period, intensive colours and the best strength are achieved. The terracotta tiles are double-walled and 30 mm thick. The breaking loads of the ALPHATON® panel are therefore many times higher than with single-walled panels. The shape of the panel holders also contributes to the stability of the whole façade design. The panel holders are formed in such a way that frontal forces are transferred to the whole tile thickness and dissipate into the substructure. The specifications for this are the so-called ball-throw test and the CWCT accreditation, which is generally applicable in England and is already part of the standards there. The terracotta tiles are fastened by concealed aluminium tile holders. The holders encompass the head and base ridge and a screw driver is used to click them onto the support profiles. A metallic clicking sound tells the fitter that it has snapped in safely. The tile holders are designed in such a way that they can be used both on a closed and an open support file. The holder determines the design-engineering 10 mm wide gap between the tile element and the support profile. The M-holder is used in the façade area. For the bottom and top end there is the U and O-holder respectively. For fastening to soffits, special soffit holders are available.

Moeding Collection by Kalikos
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