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Ulflingen, Luxembourg
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Aluminium conservatory



The KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® is a real masterpiece of home conservatory extension and pays homage to the classic, English Victorian originals of days gone by. High-quality slimline aluminium insulating profiles with optimum triple glazing in insulating glass and completely integrated accessories such as sun protection, heating and air conditioning system, lighting and soundproofing make the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® an exclusive living space extension in summer and in winter.

Amazingly adaptable
The combination of the flat roof and glass dome allows practically unlimited design possibilities. Every KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® is a unique jewel of conservatory construction.
The floorplan of every orangery is designed to your preferences and specifications – depending on the respective building characteristics. The flat roof can be individually designed to practically any shape. The combination with different shapes and sizes of glass dome makes the KELLER ORANGERIE amazingly adaptable.

The different eaves profiles, which lend the particular style of the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® as a living space extension, also play their part. Deliberately traditional or a modern re-interpretation, in a private or commercial setting, this home conservatory always makes the right impression.
High-quality technical solutions impact both the visual appearance and the operating- and living comfort.

Roof form: Special flat roof construction with or without glass dome
Glass dome: Lantern eaves profile: Prestige (classic), Straightline (modern)
Dimensions: Unlimited floor area
Side elements: Thermo profile systems made of aluminium or folding systems, sliding doors, tilt/slide sliding doors.
Uw of overall construction:  0.82 to 0.93 W/m²K

Further info from manufacturer on KELLER ORANGERY Elegance®
Further details
The construction principle of the ORANGERY
The KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® consists of an opaque, highly-insulated, special flat roof construction with individually integrable glass domes for natural incidence of light and slender side elements made of aluminium and glass.
The flat roof concept offers more options for the attachment of the ORANGERY to houses with gable or hip roofs than the classic conservatory with inclined glazed roof. If the height of the eaves of a house is too low, this permits only comparatively shallow roof inclinations and thus limited projections in the depth with a conventional conservatory. Therefore, flat roofs with an inclination-free connection under the eaves of the house offer far more scope for planning.

The advantages of the special flat roof construction
The flat roof of the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® sets creative accents. The ORANGERY is flooded with light thanks to the glass domes from the KELLER Imperial system. An almost unlimited abundance of shape variants is available for the flat roof and for the glass dome. Large constructions can be manufactured in a visually appealing design.
The KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® flat roof system is manufactured as fully-fledged warm roof system with a timber beam structure.
A KELLER EPDM roof sealing with UV and ozone-resistant properties, completely manufactured from one piece and cut to size, ensures 100% leak tightness.
Projecting flat roofs offer ideal options for the integration of Venetian blinds for sun protection. Lighting and audio systems can be perfectly placed in the interior.
Good planning of the flat roof construction can reduce the direct sunshine onto the ORANGERY and thus minimise the heating and possible dazzling of the residents.
The costs of effective solar shading of the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® are usually lower than for conventional conservatories.

Slender side elements in the Classic or Elegance window system
The KELLER Classic or Elegance window systems are available for the ORANGERY. The most diverse opening variants for windows and doors as well as folding and sliding systems are available in both classic and modern styles.

Design and exclusivity
The exclusive design of the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® is characterised by glazed roof elements co-ordinated in their shape and number, roof ridge decorations, the three available decorative gutters (Prestige, Top and Straightline), five different decorative pillars and the Classic and Elegance window and door systems.
In particular the Elegance system, which is optimised on the basis of Schüco profiles, offers a high degree of individuality thanks to its very large choice of attractive profile geometries, design glazing beads and naturally the choice of profile colours.
Decorative adhesive sash bars, glass-dividing sash bars, spandrel panels with decorative profiling, door and window handles from selected collections, as well as concealed fittings and hinges characterise both the appearance and the operating and living comfort.

Reduced energy consumption of the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance®
The opaque flat roof of the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® is extremely well insulated (U=0.2 W/m²K).
The glazed roof elements and side parts achieve Uw values of < 1.5 W/m²K thanks to well isolated aluminium profiles and the use of high-quality double and triple glazing.
In summer the outstanding insulation of the opaque flat roof leads to lower heat input from direct sunlight and thus to lower cooling requirements. That is of importance to the extent that cooling with air-conditioning systems requires three times more power than for heating.
The energy consumption of an KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® is well below that of a comparable fully glazed conventional conservatory due to the good insulation of the opaque roof.

Each construction is unique
The ORANGERY Elegance® from KELLER impresses by its timeless, unmistakable design and by the quality of the manufacturing, which is well-thought-out down to the minutest detail. Each construction is unique.
Apart from aesthetics, transparency, living comfort all year round and impressive functionality, it offers residents the pleasure of an exclusive lifestyle.

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