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Continuous metal laminate for facade

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TECU® Oxid


Continuous metal laminate for facade

Right from the start, TECU® Oxid has a dark oxidised surface, to bypass the bright initial appearance of new copper and thereby offer a more consistent dark brown colour across different façade elements sooner than TECU® Classic. It resembles the oxidised matt brown surface that gradually develops on copper via natural weathering and oxidation. The copper coils are pre-oxidised at the factory on both sides in a special industrial process.The brown oxide surface continues to develop after installation; it becomes matt and transforms through dark brown colours, yielding the rich dark brown hues of oxidised copper to the facade. On inclined cladding areas, a patina green, typical for copper, develops through the influences of airborne substances and moisture.This lively protective layer lends TECU® Oxid its unmistakable appeal and extraordinary durability.

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Further details

TECU®-Oxid viene fornito a nastri e su richiesta a lastre, nelle seguenti dimensioni:


0.6 / 0.7/1.0 mm

Larghezza nastri

600/670mm - 1000mm*
*solo per spessore 0.7/1.0mm e su richiesta

Caratteristiche del materiale:
Dati specifici del materiale
Dilatazione termica (Dt = 100 K) 1,7 mm/m
Peso specifico 8,93 kg/dm³
Peso (per 0,7 mm di spessore) 6,25 kg/m²
Punto di fusione 1083 °C
Tolleranze < 800 mm > 800 mm
Tolleranza spessore ±0,02 mm/m ±0,02 mm/m
Sciabolatura misurata su 1 m <0,2 mm/m <0,3 mm/m
Planarità (altezza ondulazione) misurata su 1 m <0,2% della lungh. ondulazione <0,2% della lungh. ondulazione
Valori tecnologici R 240
Carico di rottura (Rm) 255 - 275 N/mm
Carico di snervamento (Rp 0,2) 180 - 230 N/mm
Allungamento (A 10) >30%

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