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Metal sheet and panel for facade

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TECU® Brass


Metal sheet and panel for facade

TECU® Brass is a special alloy of copper and zinc. The result is an extremely robust façade material that changes dramatically when exposed to the atmosphere, as uniquely as pure copper. Weathering soon changes the original golden colour of TECU® Brass; during initial weathering, close inspection of the surface shows a range of colours from browns to purples while developing from overall golden to an overall brown tone. On further weathering, the brown colours become dominant, to offer a warm brown façade subtly different to that of TECU® Classic or TECU® Oxid. On inclined cladding areas, a patina layer – typical of copper, yet totally unique – gradually develops.

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Lastre/Nastri 0,7mm- 1,0mm 1000/670mm x 2000mm
1000/670mm x 3000mm
Scandole TECU® - System 0,7mm 430mm x 430mm
430mm x 600mm
600mm x 600mm.
Pannelli e Cassette TECU®:
0,7mm - 1,0mm Dimensioni a progetto

Rete TECU® elementi in rete perforata, lunghezze e larghezze variabili, disponibili a seconda della richiesta.

TECU® Collection by KME Architectural
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