Kriskadecor CUSTOM PROJECTS | Chain curtain

Aluminium chain curtain

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Montblanc, Spain
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CUSTOM PROJECTS | Chain curtain


Aluminium chain curtain



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The Royal Ascot Hotel Apartment boasts the largest Kriskadecor curtain ever produced. The curtain is situated in the lobby and dominates the space with a height of 36 metres. Because of its size, the curtain is visible from all eight floors of the building. A special anchoring system had to be developed to support its 800 kg of weight and a glass cupola illuminates the curtain with natural light. The piece was designed by Sven Müller and bestows the environment with a twisting design in silver and lime colours. Kriskadecor curtains can be completely customized to size and shape, allowing curves, undulations and movement. The available colours can be mixed and matched.

Kriskadecor aluminium chains for architecture and design. Kriskadecor aluminium anodized chains can be used in a variety of ambiences as space dividers, decorative murals, shop window decoration, among others. We can manufacture totally custom-made curtains at any height and width, delivered ready for installation, with different characteristics like: plain colours or personalized with logos and designs.

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