Glued steel fiber for concrete reinforcement

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Isola Vicentina, Italy
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Glued steel fiber for concrete reinforcement

They are easier to feed and distribute into the concrete mix.

Our Glued Steel Fibres  are produced from the high quality  cold drawn wire, with low or high strength.
They are properly shaped at the end for a better anchorage into the cement paste .
They are supplied glued one another in small sheets to make the dosage and the introduction into the paste easy.
Once fibres are added into the cement paste, water makes them split and distribute homogeneously.
The use of fibres has the purpose to improve the flexural strength of concrete.
La Gramigna fibres  act as a widespread resistant element sewing together the crack’s faces.

Further info from manufacturer on LA GRAMIGNA PLACCHETTA-Fibre di rinforzo
Further details

The quantity of steel fibres normally used has to ensure a continuous reinforcement inside the concrete matrix (normally the quantity goes from 25 to 60 kg/m³ and the corresponding volumetric percentage goes from 0,30% to 0,75%.

If we consider the same quantity and composition, fibres become more efficient according to a growing L/D aspect ratio (ratio of length to diameter),because the adherence between the two materials increases and as a consequence the fibre reinforcement improves concrete performances.

The stressed fibres subjected to a tensile strength do not slip out easily. It is important that fibre has an aspect ratio L/D 50or higher.

Type of FibreL/D Aspect Ratio


Art. LA GRAMIGNA 6033 P55
Art. LA GRAMIGNA 6036 P60
Art. LA GRAMIGNA 7560 P80
Art. LA GRAMIGNA 7560 PD80

The shape of fibres has a positive influence on the adherence to the cement matrix,the more fibres are shaped the more they are effective.

Glued steel fibres La Gramigna is available in two types. Their characteristics allow to increase the anchorage of the fibre into the matrix:

Picture of the fibre’s geometry: LA GRAMIGNA P hooked
LA GRAMIGNA P    hooked

LA GRAMIGNA PD double hooked

LA GRAMIGNA PD  double hooked
The use of structural glued steel fibres La Gramigna turns out to be more cost effective and convenient than the conventional reinforcement because it reduces the laying time at the constructions’ plant.

Fibres can be put directly into the ready-mix-truck without special equipments.

  • increased ductility of concrete;
  • increased flexural strength and impact resistance;
  • high ductility of the structure;
  • anti-shrinkage efficiency;
  • considerable fatigue life resistance and resistance to dynamic loads;
  • enhanced adherence to the cement matrix of concrete;
  • great pumpability:
  • homogeneous distribution into the paste;
  • reduction of laying costs in the plant.

  • Industrial floors;
  • Precast elements;
  • parking places, airstrip, motorways, parking areas and highway barriers;
  • slabs and structures with a thin section;
  • constructions of dams and water projects ;
  • refractory concrete subjected to strong thermal stresses;
  • castings for constructions that have to absorb impacts and/or have to bear fatigue endurance, and heavy static and dynamic loads;
  • spritz-beton;

Steel fibres Gramigna have a CE mark and they comply with UNI EN 14889-1 (steel) regulation.
Each supply is provided with the CE Certification, the Conformity Certificate and the Declaration of Performance of the product.

La Gramigna Collection by LA MATASSINA
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