Polypropylene reinforcing fibres

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Polypropylene reinforcing fibres


Polypropylene (PP)

MICROGRAMINFLEX is a micro-fiber made of 100% virgin high-density polypropylene, for the secondary reinforcement of concrete and for controlling the cracks during the plastic shrinkage phase of the cement mixes. Micro Graminflex is a micro fibre made of 100% pure high-density polypropylenefor secondary concrete reinforcement and cement mix shrinkage control. There are 2 versions: Monofilament | Fibrillated. Micro Graminflex fibre is easily and uniformly distributed in the mix and isprimarily used in plaster, conventional concrete, and sprayed concrete. The MICROGRAMINFLEX fibre is added to concrete or cement mix directly into themixer. Standard batch is 0.9 - 1.2 kg/m³ depending on the requirements and on theperformance to be obtained. The mixing time foreseen to obtain a perfect andhomogeneous distribution in the mix is 5-7 minutes.

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Further details
Microfibre Micrograminflex is made of virgin polypropylene 100% with high density, it is waterproof and alkali resistant.

Micrograminflex fibres can be easily and homogeneously distributed in a widespread way into the mix. The result is a three-dimensional micro-reinforcemement that can prevent and control the plastic shrinkage (preventing micro cracks).

The essential function is to increase the resistance of concrete in the early life during the aging phase of the composite and when the shrinkage tensions can easily cause clear or hidden cracks in the structure.
They also improve the long term life, impermeability and the impact strength of the final product.

Micrograminflex fibres act as a secondary reinforcement of concrete, because they:

  • improve the mechanical characteristics ;
  • improve the impacts resistance, resistance to abrasion and to thermal stresses;
  • increase the long term life of concrete.

Quantity of polypropylene microfibres normally used ranges from 1 kg/m³ to 2 kg/m³, accordingly to performances the technicians would like to achieve.
Polypropylene fibres Micrograminflex can be added to the mix, without using special distribuiting and loading equipments .

Art. Micrograminflex FIBRILLATED
100% Polypropylene fibrillated

Lenght: 6 / 12 /18 mm.
Tensile Strength: 450-600 MPa

Art. Micrograminflex MONOFILAMENT
100% Polypropylene monofilament

Lenght: 6 / 12 /18 mm.
Tensile Strength: 450-600 MPa


Micrograminflex fibres are used in :
-mortars for plasters;
-smooth plasters;
-concrete with low thickness;
-precast elements ;

Micrograminflex fibres have a CE mark in compliance with requirements of UNI EN 14889-2 (polymer) regulation.
The CE Certificate, the Conformity Certificate and the Performance Declaration of the Product are supplied with each delivery.

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