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Steel reinforcing fibres

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LA GRAMIGNA | Steel reinforcing fibres


Steel reinforcing fibres



They are easier to feed and distribute into the concrete mix.

The increase of the tensile strength of cement mix through the addition of fibres has been the subject of special study in recent years. Fibres were initially added to improve the performance of material in regard to shrinking or cracking without taking maximum advantage of the structural possibilities offered. The first such structural applications in which fibres partially or even completely replaced traditional concrete reinforcement have appeared only recently. Fibres inside the cement matrix serve to provide a composite material in which the mix is enriched by the presence of reinforcement composed of fibres of various nature. Steel fibres are the most commonly used for such structural applications. La Gramigna steel fibres are usually constructed with low-carbon steel. Fibres function as a diffused element of strength that "sews" the flaps of the crack together and therefore it is clear that fibres become efficacious and improve concrete performance only after the matrix has set. La Gramigna steel fibres are specially shaped at the end for more efficient anchoring. The most important structural applications of concrete reinforced with La Gramigna steel fibres are currently industrial flooring, prefabrication sector and sprayed concrete.

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Steel fibres La Gramigna for flooring are manufactured from the cold drawn steel wire of high quality with low or high tensile strength and are properly shaped at the end for a better adherence to the cement paste.

The use of fibres has the main purpose to improve the flexural strength of the concrete.

Steel fibres La Gramigna act as a widespread resistant element sewing together the crack faces.
This special characteristic makes fibres more effective in the post-crack phase of the matrix, improving concrete performances.
The bridging effect of the fibres increases also the residual tensile strength of concrete after the microcracking occurrence in the matrix.
This property increases, therefore, the toughness of concrete.
FRC or Fiber Reinforced Concrete are, for this reason, often used for industrial flooring (acting as a cracks arrester and replacing the electro-welded mesh) precast elements and spritz-beton.


The quantity of steel fibres normally used has to be sufficient to ensure a continuous reinforcement inside the concrete matrix (normally the quantity goes from 25 to 60 kg/m³ and the corresponding volumetric percentage goes from 0,30% to 0,75%).

If we consider the same quantity and composition, fibres become more efficient according to a growing L/D aspect ratio (ratio of length to diameter),because the adherence between the two materials increases and as a consequence the fibre reinforcement improves its performances .Stressed fibres subjected to a tensile strength do not slip out easily.

It is important that fibres have, however, an aspect ratio L/D 50 or higher.

Type of fibreL/D Aspect Ratio

La Gramigna steel fibres

Art. LA GRAMIGNA 0,80 x 5062,5
Art. LA GRAMIGNA 0,80 x 6075
Art. LA GRAMIGNA 0,90 x 6066,7
Art. LA GRAMIGNA 1,00 x 5050

The adherence to the concrete matrix improves also according to the fibre’s shape, the more fibres are shaped the more they are efficient. For this reason the steel fibres have hooked ends that allow a better anchorage into the cement matrix.

Picture of the fibre’s geometry
Foto geometria della fibra

The use of the structural steel fibres La Gramigna turns out to be a cost-efficient and more convenient solution compared to the traditional reinforcement because it reduces the time needed for the laying process in the construction plant.

Fibres can be, as a matter of fact,put directly into the ready-mix truck , using suitable equipments to be loaded and to be disentangled. (see our Technical Data Sheet of the product SC99/3)

Steel fibres La Gramigna have a CE mark in compliance with the UNI EN 14889-1 (steel) regulation.
The CE Certificate, the Conformity Certificate and the Performance Declaration of the Product are supplied with each delivery.

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