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Wall-Mounted steel Bench

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MOKO WALL | Wall-Mounted Bench


Wall-Mounted steel Bench


Galvanized Steel, Powder Coated Steel, Corten™, Steel and Wood, Steel and PVC, Recycled plastic

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The sitting for walls MOKO , available in three different compositions is composed of a series of wooden profiles of equal length but of different widths (20 mm, 40 mm, 80 mm ) useful to fully satisfy the curves and the flat portions of the bench , reclining so perfectly in every point and making the session very comfortable .
- MW1 is sitting flat consists of 4 strips of 80 mm width.
- MW2 is realized by a flat part composed of slats 4 by 80 mm width and a front curve consists of three slats of 20 mm width .
- MW3 is realized by a flat part composed of slats 4 by 80 mm width and a front curve consists of three slats of 20 mm width and a low backrest consists of one slat 40 mm and a slat 80 mm .
Two side legs , made ​​of steel , placed on the ends of the bench, close the structure , lead profiles and serve as the anchor .
MOKO WALL SEAT ECO was developed thinking about the environment, recycle and minimization of production processes. Just in a word: sustainability. The structure of the bench is made of galvanized steel without any further coating process.
Seat and back are made of a series of profiles PVC foam and wood flour. A recycled material, 100% recyclable, flame retardant and resistant to corrosion caused by external agents, “Plastica Seconda Vita” certified.

Further details
Nuovo blocco di testo


- gambe laterali disponibili in colore grigio antracite RAL 7016, bianco puro RAL 9010, alluminio brillante RAL 9006, o in acciaio zincato non verniciato o in acciaio corten.

- profili di seduta e schienale disponibili nelle seguenti colorazioni: bianco puro RAL 9010, grigio tele RAL 7046, grigio antracite RAL 7016, giallo segnale RAL 1003, rosso fuoco RAL 3000, telemagenta RAL 4010, blu cielo RAL 5015, verde giallastro RAL 6018; disponibili nelle colorazioni: rosso arcobaleno, verde arcobaleno, blu arcobaleno, viola arcobaleno; o in legno esotico disponibile in finitura wengè, finitura iroko, finitura naturale; o in profili in PVC espanso rigenerato ecologico (100% riciclato e riciclabile) certificato "Plastica Seconda Vita" disponibile nei colori sabbia e marrone (su richiesta disponibili altre colorazioni).


- dimensioni MW1: 1800 x 415 x h 40 mm

- dimensioni MW2: 1800 x 492 x h 100 mm

- dimensioni MW3: 1800 x 573 x h 256 mm

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