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15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15



Frost proof wall/floor tiles with marble effect

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Fiorano Modenese, Italy
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Frost proof wall/floor tiles with marble effect
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LAMINAM adds new textures to its I Naturali collection: ARENARIA FOSSILE, PIETRA DI SAVOIA, BIANCO STATUARIO in matt, polished and smoothed finishes, TRAVERTINO ROMANO in polished and smoothed finishes and MARFIL in smoothed finish. Just like the other products in this collection, the new textures guarantee the same durability performance as the stones that served as their inspiration: Arenaria fossile with its interwoven marks consolidated through time; Pietra di Savoia with loads of marks that spread like the skin of a reptile to recreate the elegance and uniqueness of a time passed; Bianco Statuario, which is offered in extremely detailed variations and reproduces marble veins that give a tactile feel of velvet to the slabs; Travertino Romano, with its determined appearance, replete with the history that has accompanied it since ancient times and Marfil, inspired by the marble of the same name from Southern Spain. Laminam has focused its attention on the 5.6 millimetre thickness successfully developing projects with great architectural and structural impact. Thanks to its tenacious and constant focus on market demands, the larger 5.6 thickness is not a substitute for the 3 mm product, which has maintained its innovative identity: instead, it is a compelling solution for major designs requiring the use of materials capable of supporting heavy loads. @import url(http://admin.archipassport.com/Load.ashx?type=style&file=SyntaxH

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