Lapitec LAPITEC® | Outdoor wall tiles

Outdoor Lapitec® wall tiles

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Vedelago, Italy
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LAPITEC® | Outdoor wall tiles


Outdoor Lapitec® wall tiles



Sintered stone wall claddings made of Lapitec® are unique for slabs dimensions and functional properties. Lapitec® slabs are available in a very large format (3365x1500 mm), which makes them the biggest available on the market. 
The huge format ensures a high degree of flexibility to architects, that are free to design every kind of application even with complex or unusual shapes.
Moreover, Lapitec® counts a number of attributes and properties typical of porcelain: extreme resistance to high temperatures, frost, UV rays, scratches and abrasions.
Why Lapitec® is ideal for exterior wall cladding
•    Resistant to UV rays
•    resistant to high temperatures and freezing
•    resistant to deep abrasions
•    dimensional stability
•    degrades polluting nitric oxide molecules (photocatalytic property)
•    very large format: 3365x1500 mm
•    Available in thicknesses of 12, 20, 30 mm. The thicknesses 20 and 30 mm confer high resistance to shock.
Mechanically fixed or bonded cladding
Lapitec® sintered stone slabs can be mechanically fixed or bonded to an existing surface. In both conditions it ensures resistance and lightness to the entire structure. Lapitec® is commonly used for ventilated facades, exterior coverings and long lasting wall claddings.
Curtain wall
Lapitec® is a valid alternative to glass layers in curtain walls, thanks to its resistance to heat, freezing, high-speed wind and extreme weather conditions. Lapitec® slabs are also available in large size (3365x1500 mm), ideal to be used in exterior wall cladding and curtain wall systems.
Furthermore, while designing a curtain wall, Lapitec® slabs can be easily fixed on the same supports used for glass layers. Architects can design a curtain wall system with the flexible combination of glass and Lapitec® slabs, without compromising resistance and lightness of the structures.
Colours and finishes
According to the aesthetic effect you want to get with your project, Lapitec® is available in many finishes, some of them softer and smoother, others coarser and rougher, similar to splitted stone.  Colours available led you to customize your exterior wall cladding, giving it a particularly modern-looking. 

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