LED blown glass floor lamp

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Praha, Czech Rep.
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LED blown glass floor lamp


Blown Glass

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The Ries Crater was formed some 14 million years ago by an asteroid impact. The force of its subsequent explosion sent molten rocks up to 300 km away, forming green “cosmic glass” in the process. Today, pieces of this natural glass, called Moldavite, are found almost exclusively in the Czech Republic.

LASVIT designers Petra Krausová and Libor Sošťák were inspired by this semi-precious stone, creating their homage to Moldavites. This dynamic lighting sculpture is made of bright green uranium glass, pulsing with changing light like an asteroid entering the atmosphere. Its spherical black metal base is covered with more than 1500 hand-blown glass elements, individually lit with LED lights. The lighting is programmed to 7 different modes and effects that can be controlled using a phone or tablet application.

The Intergalactic blends ancient history and nature with inventive design, fine craftsmanship and modern technology.

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