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Stainless steel and wood Play structure

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Forni di Sopra, Italy
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Stainless steel and wood Play structure
Pine, Stainless Steel and Wood

Young is a line with a high modularity to meet the needs of all kinds of playgrounds, from schools to big theme parks. The line uses an Abilam structure: bi-lamellar wood elements of 90x90 mm thickness combined in contrasting sections to ensure exceptional strength and durability.The construction concept of these products is based on a high modularity with the ability to create many compositions for playgrounds of all sizes. All wooden elements are raised above the ground and connected to the ground by steel brackets. The colour of towers and castles has been studied to adapt perfectly in natural areas.

CASTELLO BOSCO INOX is a castle composed by two towers connected by a tilted suspended bridge witha an oscillating ladder. The towers have spaces dedicated to games at 23, 100 and 150 cm from the floor, decorated balustrades, panels and banquets for the role play, pitched roofs with flag. Access is throught a staircase with a side railing, the slope down is through two stainless steel slides of 200 and 300 cm. The facility includes a gymnasium with multipurpose: climbing net, tilted back, rope climb, rings crossed over rotating and climbing climber. The structure of the game is made of wood as opposed to sections of 90x90 mm thick equipped with galvanized steel bracket to fix the game to the ground. The color of the game is specifically designed for a correct insertion into the nature of public parks and schools. Also available with safety mat beneath the swinging ladder (Article 015685-P). All wooden parts are realized in Abilam- pine wood that comes from controlled forests, according to the EN 351 standards,"autoclave treated" with water repellent EXTRA-COAT and UV protection. Size: 588 x 593 h398 cm. Recommended area: 1000 x 950 cm. Recommended age: 2 - 12 years.

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